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Amber Bills: The Person

My work, as a strategist, leader, and person, is focused on three things:

  • Bringing people together

  • Amplifying important messages

  • Creating experiences that move people


Growing up in a musical family has made me especially passionate about using music to achieve all of those things.

I love finding the connections between things that seem to clash, and then using those connections to create breakthrough solutions. 

I believe that lessons and inspiration are everywhere. Speaking of which, I’m kind of a documentary buff (I’ve seen over 160 of them!)​.

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The past few years have been a crash course in being more like myself and less like everybody else.


So here I am: A bad liar, good procrastinator, and occasional cornball. I react to great ideas like some people react to the home team getting a touchdown. People often call me “the story person.” But I think this lyric from track 10 sums me up best: 

”I will give myself completely to the moving and the strange.”

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about meeeee.png
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Amber Bills: The Brand

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