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Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

Content Marketing Internship, Summer 2023

The Ask: How can we better align our digital presence with our new rebrand? 


A Sweet Gig

I filmed TikToks on Johnny Cash's tour bus, saw Weezer in my office, performed with the house band, and heard Flavor Flav say "Flavor Flaaaaaaaav!" in person. This internship was one of the best summers of my life.

Untitled design.png

Kurt Cobain's demolished guitar & drill, 1993

Tina Turner's Versace dress, 1996


But this is not your mother's Rock Hall.


The R&RHOF has changed a lot since it opened in 1995, and is currently undergoing a dramatic rebrand. It's more inclusive, interactive, and aligned with youth culture than ever before.


My role as the content marketing intern was to extend that renewed world-class experience across all platforms.


The Challenge

Not everyone is into inclusivity (shocking, I know).

While the museum felt like a music utopia with something for everyone, our digital channels were filled with people fighting for an old-school, narrow view of rock & roll.

"You say that rock & roll is dead. But is that just because it has not been resurrected in your image?"

- Florence + The Machine, "Choreomania"

What Brings Us Together:

"Rock & Roll is a Spirit."

And we feel that spirit most in places like concerts and museums, where we have "intense shared emotional experiences," AKA, emotional synchrony.

"Emotional synchrony pulls humans fully but temporarily into the higher realm of the sacred, where the self disappears and collective interests predominate."

So, how can we make the unifying spirit of rock & roll extend beyond the museum itself?

"How we doin' out there?"

Comprehensive Social Audit

I analyzed Rock Hall's digital platforms and competitors’ to identify best practices, strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities.

My Mission

Translate that in-person experience to digital, rather than just reporting it

I noticed that a lot of our content felt like relaying the museum experience like a newsfeed or marketplace.


Instead, digital needs to be an experience of its own— one that continues the in-person spirit that brings people together.

ABills-Intern Presentation-RRHF23.png

4 Keys to Great Content




Clearly labeled and organized exhibits where anyone can easily find what they're looking for.

Streamline UX and use clear language to lower bounce rate and reduce fan frustration.


Exhibits like Here and Now prove that rock & roll is not dead.

Connect content to current events, pop culture, and trends.

Serving > Soliciting

The Fan Engagement team builds loyalty through education and genuine conversations.

Highlight how the merch or ticket will enhance their experience as a fan.


I got to see Nelly, Coin, and Khalid—on the clock.

Our online voice should reflect the fun rock & roll attitude we have in-person.

From Insights to Action

Using audit insights throughout my internship

  • Influencer outreach


  • Following trends and developing social content


  • Finding social media moments in archival footage

  • In Memoriam graphics


  • Street Team


  • Flyering for Rock Hall Live


  • Creating promotional playlists


  • Rocking out in The Garage

ABills-Intern Presentation-RRHF23.jpeg

The Outro

Outside the Wall(s)

Valuable content plus a cohesive brand identity create a loyal fan base that not only buys from us but also buys into our mission.

Our social platforms are an extension of the Rock Hall that allow us to engage with fans beyond the glass prism to connect through the spirit of Rock & Roll.

Check out the full Social Audit and Plan here

Shoutout to Alexis Figlar (Social Media Intern), the RRHOF Marketing Team, and the house band for making this such a great experience. Long Live Rock.

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