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Brady United
Against Gun Violence

Creating hope through an integrated advocacy campaign

The Ask: Increase enrollment and hope for Team Enough, the youth chapter of the anti-gun violence organization, Brady.

Long Story Short: The presentation brought the audience and client to tears. By bridging the parent-child disconnect and being vulnerable as presenters, we were able to give hope through action.


Our Team

We had vastly different experiences with gun violence


We had small-town Southerners and swing-state suburbanites. A Boston Marathon survivor who had hunted before. A Black Democrat family with guns, and a White Republican family without. We were more complex than the most convenient definitions.

My Role

Account management that fosters understanding

I drove the project forward with a Ways of Working survey, recap emails, and meeting agendas. But I also used these tools to start conversations about the work and the sensitive subject.


What Unites Us

We’re living in the aftermath of Columbine

25 years and 389 school shootings later, we've made little progress. Active shooter drills, candlelit vigils, and constant worry are Gen Z's norm. Empty promises from adults have left this generation hopeless about the future of gun violence.


The Disconnect

Most of Gen Z’s parents graduated before Columbine


There’s a disconnect in lived experiences, on top of the already strained relationships between teens and parents.

For adults, gun violence is a political issue. For kids, it’s a daily reality.


We need parents to see gun violence as a personal mission to invest in, rather than a political topic that brings our walls up.

Fuck thoughts and prayers;

How do we actually change things?

We looked to other societal milestones like the Civil Rights Act of 1964, marriage equality, and even the death of Big Tobacco to figure out how people made a difference.

We discovered that behind every landmark political shift was a cultural shift rooted in vulnerability and listening



Communication shifts culture and culture shifts politics.


Young people, even if they can’t vote or run for office yet, can make a difference by communicating with the people in power who are closest to them: their parents.

A Retro Campaign to Unite Parents and Kids


Team Enough is bridging the communication gap between a generation of 80s parents and Gen Z kids through moments of connection, understanding, and support.

Copy of BRADY DECK.jpg

The Rebrand

From Political Canvas to Action-Led Visuals

We were inspired by the 1984 LA Olympics—connecting with the parents’ teen era, Brady's beginnings, and patriotism through unity.


Milestone Marketing

We're making the most of the few moments when parents and kids are already connecting. Team Enough’s presence at these big days drives awareness, conversation, and indirect donations, which all help keep the milestone moments free of gun violence.


Bold advocacy + 80s retro style = a back-to-school essential that parents and teens are willing to invest in.

New Balance x Team Enough drives donations and awareness for TE. For NB, which received backlash for supporting Donald Trump in 2016, it's a way to establish itself as a bi-partisan CSR steward.

It's Okay to Talk: Conversation Starters

Scanning the QR code clarifies the messages, showing the parent's and child's views. 

Copy of BRADY DECK.jpg
Copy of BRADY DECK.png
Copy of BRADY DECK-4.jpg
Copy of BRADY DECK-3.jpg

Strategy in Action: A Real Conversation

Our copywriter, Jack, used our curriculum and conversation starters to bridge the ideological gap with his dad. Although they don't agree on everything, they were able to have a meaningful talk by getting their guards down. 


We were more than the most convenient definitions. By understanding each of our complex connections to gun violence, we were able to find a resonant truth that sparked hope.

Sincerely Yours, The Breakfast Club

Hunter Chambers (XD, former teacher), Jack DeMare (CW, video editor),
Molly Devereux (ST), Mellette Mackie (AD), Luke Strother (CW)

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